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New Details on our Land Mint! Pre-order Week!

After a year of building, CardanoLands is finally ready to host our Land NFT mint this August! As we’ve recently announced in our new whitepaper, our 5000 Land NFTs serve as the core foundation of our emerging GameFi platform. The CardanoLands Dev team has revealed a few additional variables that you may wish to consider as our Land NFT minting date draws nearer. Introducing… Pre-order Week!

Pre-order Week Details:

  1. Before the official Land mint, we will have a week of taking pre-orders.
  2. During this week, whitelisted wallets will be able to reserve a limited amount of Land NFTs.
  3. To place a reservation on a particular Land plot, the user will be able to choose from available coordinates directly on our map.
  4. You’ll be able to see the different sizes and biomes of Land to choose from, but other properties, such as its possible underground resources, are randomly assigned during the minting process and thus not viewable.
  5. Once you have found a Land plot you like, all you’ll have to do is complete a payment transaction. On our first official mint day, your reserved Land will be sent to your wallet!

Here’s how to Qualify for the Whitelist:

Option 1) Users who have at least 10,000 $EXO tokens actively voting in any NFT project(s) on the CardanoLands platform.

Option 2) NFT project owners, whose project is on the CardanoLands Leaderboard: High League (250k $EXO votes & above).

  • Qualified users will have their stake address recorded automatically.
  • NFT project owners must contact us via discord (we should already have a mutual chat open with you we used for onboarding)
  • On July 31st we will conduct a snapshot of our voting records, and if said projects and users still meet the above criteria, then our system will officially put their address on the whitelist. (We want to stress that we will do our best to reach out to projects ourselves as much as possible, and as our time will allow.)
  • The whitelist will officially lock & solidify on August 1st. It is first come, first serve, so please complete the process asap!
  • One whitelisted wallet may reserve up to 9 Land NFTs during Pre-order Week!
  • CardanoLands will also distribute some promotional whitelist spots via our Twitter, so be sure to follow us and stay tuned!

Preview of new CardanoLands features from our Devs!

  • After your land is minted, you will be able to upload PFP images on the world map! If you are participating in our pre-order, consider purchasing connected coordinates to make a larger square (such as 2x2 or 3x3). This way your uploaded PFP will be even more prominent!
  • All Lands are minted with unique names, chosen by the user, which are then immortalized on the blockchain. These cannot be changed after the Land is minted. (ex. Think like when you minted an ADA Handle)
  • Land NFTs have a significant amount of metadata; everything about the tile coordinates, building levels, resource capacities, etc. To help simplify this for the average user, every Land NFT comes with a Land Deed. This easy to read document will be updated every time changes take place on a Land plot (building construction, resource extraction, etc). It will be viewable directly on our website and a link will be in the token metadata as well. The Land Deed will be very helpful as you consider purchasing Land plots from other users in the future.
  • The images you see on your Land NFTs will be dynamic! This means that the image will be recreated every time a visual change occurs on your land, such as when you place a new building, or add an extending tile, or extract a resource from the ground. This is super important because we want the visual representation of the Land to match to changing contents of its Land Deed. We don’t want there to be any confusion about what is actually on a Land NFT, especially when users start trading them on the secondary market. For clarity, this image recreation will not require any transactions on your end, and the images will automatically be updated on the blockchain.