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Thoughts on Chainlobby from a CNFT veteran


Do you remember If you do then congratulations, you’re a Cardano NFT OG. This was the place where mere mortals used to go to mint and sell our NFTs in the dark ages before smart contracts arrived on Cardano.

EasyCNFT was where I came across a digital artist called Dan. He had created some unusual but endearing creatures called Digies and I was intrigued. We had a chat, gave each other some advice and swapped notes. I could tell he was destined for big things, indeed, we both went on to make some big plays, Dan more so than I. The first Cardano NFT I ever bought was this S2 Digie, he will remain a permanent fixture in my wallet, a little piece of my personal digital history (apologies if that sounds self important).

As a fellow artist who tried his luck in the early days of Cardano NFTs, it fills me with pride to see what Dan and his team have achieved. They are a great group of people and have given invaluable support to my projects over the last couple of years. We are all aware of the success that the Adadigieverse is achieving, but what of Chainlobby?

My initial thoughts - I like it. Modern and slick in appearance with some big projects and personalities signed up as pioneers. I can see the bigger picture here, a Web3 NFT-centric social media platform that will eventually include the big boys from Ethereum and Solana, but let's take things step-by-step in true Cardano fashion. I think the number of options you have when posting is great and the ability to create media-infused articles is a definite winner. Of course, in this beta phase there are some frustrating elements. We need a search bar and my interface has crashed a couple of times (once when I was halfway through writing this which was infuriating) but these are the teething issues you’d expect.

As I draw my musings to a close I am feeling pretty excited about the future of this project. Launching in the deepest darkest depths of a crypto and NFT bear market isn’t easy, but it's the right time to build. If the building blocks are put together in the way we have seen from Dan and the Digies team over the years, then you should also be very excited to be here so early!