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Big Things Coming

If your reading this your early! we are a project that has chosen a rough path, building in the bear market, minting soon in meme-coin season when cardano nfts have been called dead for the past few weeks. this project has been in development for over 8 months, and there has been plenty of discouraging moments in this bear, from watching good solid projects not minting out, prices plummet, and so many other things, through it all ive known that Galacticats time will come, and before anyone is really ready for it, because we build FIRST. thats what will make us different. we will always continue and strive to be innovative and do new things the right way by utilizing our network and believing in the people around us that have talent and skill and strive to be a functioning member of our online ecosystem we call web3. We will never limit ourselves to what we or any individual on our team can or cant do. because we always know a friend nearby that can or knows someone else that can. Stay tuned well be dropping some of the alpha here tuesday.