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Exclusive Chainlobby Giveaway!


GM Chainlobby! Our full Cosmic Cuties team has another episode of our Let's Play BG3 available on our YouTube!

Let's do a giveaway exclusively to Chainlobby community members!

After leaving a like, sub, and comment on our video here:

Be first in the comment section of this Chainlobby post with an accurate answer to the following question:

Q: During the video, a big oopsie is made that required a bunch of blurring censorship! What happened? And which team member committed the party foul? lol.

The winner will receive a Cosmic Cutie NFT!

We are firmly in the 1mil EXO votes club on CardanoLands (the first sponsor of Chainlobby) and all our tokens mine HEXO at x2 bonus! Use our tokens to play their game with maximum efficiency!

Good luck Chainlobby!