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PFP Pit Brawl (Alpha) Goes LIVE!


PFP Pit Brawl (Alpha) v1.0 Release Notes

Web3 Integrations

Wallet Connections

We have successfully integrated Nami & Eternl wallets (Cardano Network), Metamask wallet (Ethereum Network), and Phantom wallet (Solana Network). This enables players with NFTs on these networks to connect with the listed wallets and load their NFTs into the game as playable characters. **

**Until the pagination process is refined, connect wallets with 10 NFTs or less. This will greatly reduce loading time.

NFT Metadata Storage

In addition to loading players’ NFTs into PFP Pit Brawl, we have integrated off-chain code that will store the assets’ metadata in our database so that player progress and rank are saved for each unique NFT.

UI Enhancements

We have updated the background images for the Login Screen, Main Menu, and Battle Screen. Additionally, some of the buttons and UI elements have been updated.

Matchmaking Adjustment

The matchmaking system will now match opponents within 100 Honor Rank of each other first (up from 10). Then increase the range of Honor Rank by an additional 100 (up from 10) every 15 seconds (down from 60 seconds).

This will provide a better user experience during times of low player traffic.

Alpha Demo