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What's going on in Boomerville?

Well, a lot of things, let us tell you!

It's been a week since we closed mint and our policy ID has been locked and all the NFTs from the collection are available, all of them living in Boomerville. We're having a great time on our Discord server, organizing flash auctions so our collectors can get Boomers at incredible prices and expand their collections, games, server boosters raffles and much more.

  • We've updated the roles and benefits for all our holders, and let me tell you, there are quite a few of them! We've also adjusted the requirements to enjoy them.
  • We've started promoting games and tournaments for our community. We've created our private poker club, and the first tournament will take place this coming Sunday.
  • In addition, we're collaborating with independent artists to create unique pieces where each artist will showcase their own vision of our characters. These pieces will be auctioned among our followers. The first one is ready!

What else?

  • We've already created the first limited series of illustrations based on our traits. "The Walkman" was a series of 25 illustrations that our collectors received as a reward for their support. We're already preparing the next one!
  • We're working on our first comic, and we have a super special cover created by a guest artist. The storyboard is complete, and the work is progressing!
  • Exciting things are happening in Boomerville. Join us, and you'll have a great time! Support the project, and we assure you that you'll be rewarded!

    Come to our discord server, hang out and learn more about the project, get your first boomers and have fun! Your support will be rewarded!

Join our discord server and hang out in there, get your first boomers and take part in our activities while we work on the upcoming phases of the project!