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The Mountains Went Missing !


I still don't know why I went on this hike knowing the mountains wouldn't be visible due to the smoke rolling in from the fires in British Columbia (A Canadian Province -- for those unaware).

I literally said to my friends "Let's go when the mountains are clear". Well, i'm not too sure how I ended up in this situation, but we went anyway.

Insert whatever type of facepalm emoji that best suits this scenario.

2hrs 15min of an uphill climb to the summit of Mount Solomon, entering the trail next door to the Black Cat Ranch, we climbed a good 5kms. Apparently the elevation of the climb was 650 meters, but i'm not sure how accurate that number is because the actual tippy top sits at 1600m (5500ft approx).

Either way, your legs will scream and you'll be questioning why you decided to accept this challenge.

I had a good idea about half way up the trail that the view would be poor as we got the odd sneak peak along the way. Thinking the sky would clear up, I was a little too hopeful on that. The sky did not in fact "clear up", it in fact "cleared down" haha ! Visibility got worse and we were treated to a beautiful view of shadows up potential mountains that may or may not be there.

Obviously having no inclination to want to hang around long, we made our decent. The 2nd part of the trail descended almost straight down. Making it back to the parking lot in just over an hour, it was a new area of pain our legs were now experiencing.

I can now see why the trail difficulty was rated "HARD". I'll wait again until next year... on a clear day... to allow for the reward to be sweeter than the difficulty of the climb LOL !

Until that day... I'll leave you with this teaser of a photo. Keep an eye on my twitter feed @Bel.Wanderlust within the next few days. I'll be posting a short video of the adventure !


Yours Truly.