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What the hell is this place?


OK if you didn't know here is a quick summary:

ChainLobby is a web3 cross-chain community platform designed for sharing, learning, and connecting. Its primary aim is to empower web3 communities, assisting individuals new to the crypto and NFT space by providing the help and support they need to understand the ecosystem. This assistance is delivered via the power of community and by bridging the gap between different blockchains​1​​2​.

The platform features community-curated content where people and projects can come together to share high-quality content. It also includes dedicated groups that focus on specific subject matters and are automatically matched when you connect your wallet​3​​4​.

ChainLobby offers a variety of features such as:

  • Wallet Sign-on: Users can sign in with their crypto wallets.
  • Exclusive Access to Groups Based on NFTs: Users get exclusive access to certain groups based on the NFTs they own.
  • Rich Articles: Users can create detailed articles that automatically get shared with relevant groups.
  • Gigs/Jobs: Users can post and find gigs or jobs on the platform.
  • Exclusive Features: There are exclusive features for certain users, such as @adadigies owners​5​.

Furthermore, ChainLobby conducts weekly AMAs (Ask Me Anything sessions) with notable guests and projects. These AMAs are designed to interview projects, influencers, and key individuals within the Cardano community to bring users the latest alpha. The AMAs are run on ChainLobby's Twitter Spaces and are hosted by their projects ambassador & anchor team​