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Welcome to Boomerville!

We are Boomers! is a comic-based universe, set in a fictional town called Boomerville, the home of our boomers.

The Collection introduces 12 characters, with their own names and backstories, in a very limited 1998 hand-drawn NFTs series.

Each of the characters will star in their own comic story co-created with the community as well as special guest artists. The whole concept of the project is creating a fun environment with an acid criticism of contemporary society.

Boomerville is also a representation of our townmap for this phase.

It all starts at the Art Gallery, representing our Collection, minting now

Two streets branch off from there.

Lower Back Pain St. represents the release of our 12 comics, each dedicated to one of our characters, with crossroads corresponding to specials comics dedicated to our fav projects. At the end of this street is the Library, representing the Kickstarter release of our Volume I physical comic book, the final point of this phase.

Forever Young Ave. leads to the Boomers Club representing collectibles and rewards for our holders, culminating in the Club dedicated to our top collectors who receive their Custom Boomers, as well as certain personalities from the community.

We are Boomers! is a comic-based universe! Illustration and storytelling!

For more details, take a look at our website

Welcome to Boomerville!