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How I've Learned To Treat NFTs Like Crypto

This is just a quick little read...I'll be posting more, in depth articles in the near future.

I started my journey with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency probably in about 2011. There have been a whole lotta ups and downs to learn and benefit from, and I've been noticing the same trends here in the world of NFTS.I started getting Bitcoin through a Bitcoin ATM I found about 30 minutes from my house. I also used #Coinbase to buy a little, back when there was only Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Yea...that's right...those were the only three that were on there at the time!

I learned a little programming and had some little USB ASIC miners running on Raspberry Pis. I stepped up my game and bought some Bitmain Antminers and PSUs to mine some Bitcoin, a little BitcoinCash when it first came out, and was able to heat my basement all the while from it.

As time progressed, I was always trying just to stack Bitcoin. As more and more AltCoins came out, I did what I could to research some but always kept Bitcoin the one that I would keep trying to collect.I always had the HODL mentality...feeling that many altcoins could come and go, but Bitcoin would always be around.

and THAT'S the connection to NFTS!

There are so many projects, coins, etc...but my philosophy has evolved and stayed the same.

Regardless of blockchain...

I believe that there are only so many reliable NFTs that will be here for years and years to come.

Those are the ones that I try to accrue...not the quick flips and over night money makers 👊😎🔥

Thanks for reading!