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A new way forward for Digies

After taking a break for week and reflecting I've decided to change things up. As most of you know I work a full time job in fiat land while managing Digies and ChainLobby. This has become too much for me to manage and unfair on the DigiFam. I'm not giving my best and nor my whole. With this in mind I've decided to make a change that I think will be best for Digies and ChainLobby. The evidence is clear, even tho we're in a bear market I just didn't market the S5 drop well enough. Just too much going on and spread thin. As you know Digies was never about the money for me, was a way to have fun, explore, build a family, and create value for all of us.

So, whats the way forward?

This plan is called divide and conquer. This change is to make sure both projects (Digies & ChainLobby) get the undivided attention they need to help them progress and grow.

As of this week, Digies will have a new owner, but one we all love & know, meet your new master, @Dan float4one.nft! I've worked with Floaty for a while and admire his efforts and passion for this space. He's doxxed, committed and the perfect person to push Digies forward, it's in his DNA.

I'll be handing over the keys for the community wallet, the assets of the outstanding mint (£90k in value), social accounts & responsibility. He will be taking my share of outstanding mint as an incentive to push things forward working with Stanislaus.

Digies roadmap

In terms of roadmap, all that has been committed regarding draw & league table, staking, we're still building and I will be supporting this work.


For me this is a matter of focus and discipline, we have a great opportunity to build a high value project, but not in its current form. I'll still be here as a collector, shareholder (25%), and advisor to Floaty. But he will set the new way forward.

With Floaty taking the Digie helm, this leaves me to focus on building ChainLobby. I can focus solely on partnerships, roadmap, community building etc.

We will still remain as one Discord until we all end up on ChainLobby.

So in summary, we have a new Digie boss, I'm not going anywhere, just focusing in on ChainLobby to bring us all success.

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