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Perspective Changes Everything


πŸ‘£"The tracks we lay in life might seem plain, but they're taking us to extraordinary places. Right where them mountains kiss the sky"😘

I love exploring. Never having any idea what I might stumble across, but every now and then I'll turn a corner and think "Wow, that is a great picture!".

... Then I slap a heart felt quote on there and we're good to goπŸ˜‚

All jokes aside, I couldn't have thought of a better way to put this picture into words than the quote you read above.

I feel like railroads are always leading to and through the coolest of places with the best views. No traffic. Just pure nature, beauty, and rubbing shoulders with mountains... You know how it isπŸ˜‰rough life those locomotives have.

Quite often we focus so much on looking down on these "tracks" we have laid in front of us instead of focusing on the journey that they lead us through, before getting to our final destination.

❀️So how about every once in awhile, lift that little head of yours, soak in the views around you, and the journey your track is leading you on. Every path leads to something special... it's just a matter of time.

Keep rollin'.