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Exciting Updates Await Pixel Frenz Holders as Policy Lock Approaches


With the policy for Pixel Frenz set to lock on July 19, 2023, a wave of exciting developments is on the horizon for Pixel Frenz holders. In this article, we will delve into the details of what the near future holds for these dedicated collectors. After the policy is locked, the creator will initiate the Frenz Airdrop #NFTs, which will encompass a range of valuable additions for the holders.

  1. Frenz Airdrop #NFTs: Once the policy locks, Pixel Frenz holders can look forward to receiving the Frenz Airdrop #NFTs at no additional cost. These airdrops will be sent directly to the wallets where the Frenz are stored, providing a seamless and convenient experience for collectors.
  2. High-Resolution Image of Your Fren: Included in the Frenz Airdrop #NFTs is a high-resolution image of your Fren. This image will allow collectors to appreciate the intricate details and unique characteristics of their Pixel Frenz in stunning clarity.
  3. Link to Your OG Fren: The Frenz Airdrop #NFTs will also contain a link to the holder's OG (Original) Fren. This link will serve as a gateway to the origins of their Fren, providing a deeper connection to its genesis and background.
  4. Animation Video of Your Fren: Alongside the high-resolution image, each Pixel Frenz holder will receive an animation video featuring their Fren. These videos will bring the Frenz to life, showcasing their personality and charm through captivating motion.
  5. Video Versions Based on Rarity: The animation videos included in the Frenz Airdrop #NFTs will come in different versions based on rarity. While initial rarity assignments were made during the generation of the collection, the final rarity will be determined once the minting process concludes. The rarity of each Pixel Frenz will be adjusted based on the quantity that has been brought to life, adding an element of surprise and uniqueness to each holder's video.
  6. Ever-Expanding Possibilities: Although the policy will lock on July 19, 2023, it is important to note that the new policy will remain open indefinitely to accommodate the addition of more exciting content. This means that Pixel Frenz holders can anticipate future enhancements and surprises beyond the initial airdrop, ensuring an ongoing and evolving experience for collectors.


As the policy for Pixel Frenz prepares to lock, the anticipation for the forthcoming Frenz Airdrop #NFTs grows. With high-resolution images, animation videos, OG Fren links, and the promise of ongoing updates, Pixel Frenz holders can expect a thrilling journey ahead. This new wave of additions will elevate the Pixel Frenz experience, allowing collectors to further immerse themselves in the world of their beloved Frenz.

Get ready for a treasure trove of visual delights and continued surprises in the ever-evolving Pixel Frenz universe.