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A brief introduction to 'The SGS Investment Club'

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"GM Chain Lobby community, let's get stuck in! "

The SGS Investment Club is an exploration of NFT community investing and governance.

A club that looks to sustain itself by investing into digital assets and by providing service to the Cardano community.

Revenue generated comes from profit taking on investments , NFT and ADA staking, NFT royalties and more recently P2E gaming with over 80 assets currently farming 20 Mocossi Lands via a verified scholarship program.

Our primary revenue stream was once our minting service that has since been discontinued during the bear market and will likely turn back on when market conditions become more favorable. Notable projects minted to date include 'The Dead Rabbit Resurrection Society' (SOLD OUT in 26 seconds no issues), 'The Jrny' and 'The Book of Ikigai' and of course our own collection which grants access into the club and associated proposal writing capabilities and voting power.

Governance is an integral part of SGS and the entire club is molded by it. The clubs own whitepaper is the constitution and any amendments made to it are made by members submitting and passing governance proposals.

The community has designed a proposal voting system which has had several iterations since the base structure was introduced. This is all run through our discord server where there are complete archives of all past votes. They have also introduced a comprehensive default selling structure to realize profits automatically without the need for future votes streaming lining the process and increasing the ability to time the markets.

1 SGS NFT = 1 weighted vote. Different levels of access are granted through a gated voting group of senior community members called tribe elders. Other utilities of our NFT include website access and staking opportunities on several platforms including Derps,Crocs and TAS.

SGS is not a DAO we are by design centralized and not autonomous and not an organization but a club. Our treasury is setup with multi-sig wallets controlled by higher level community members who have been voted into these positions. The club votes each quarter on a profit distribution , these votes are non weighted and each member has just one vote each to negate whale control. To date all profits have been voted to be reinvested.

The SGS community believes spending money on development at this stage without a steady revenue stream is likely to leave the club in an poor position liquidity wise and would prefer any profits are reinvested into assets that are in there infancy which have massive ROI potential in the long term. We are all about the ROI and taking profits. When we decide to develop it will likely be when we can sell ADA for a lot more than current prices.

SGS is not a registered company, we are an investment club. Leadership members are based all around the world and the active community who turn up to vote on proposals is about 100 members which equates to about 10% voter turn out based on # of wallets holding SGS NFTs.

Currently our liquid treasury sits at 100k+ ADA and the club has invested over 400k+ ADA into digital assets including NFTs and DeFi tokens since inception ( Feb 2022 ).

By joining this community we hope to expand our presence in the ecosystem and meet more like minded individuals in the space. We hope that this will be a great space to share updates and engage with the broader crypto community as well as an excellent place to grow and learn.

Please don't hesitate to ask questions about the club, we are very approachable and love to talk about making money and community governance. More information about us can be found in our discord server.


Row , SGS Leadership Group