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A bloody week


yarn freelancer tip

GM freelancers. Another few tips on staying relevant as a freelancer in web3, the first being to utilize all the tools at your disposal, that means any freelance marketplaces, X, discord, and supporting others aswell. You tend to get reciprocated support when you support others. Establish a routine, algorithms like that, just aswell as its good to remain consistent. Just remember to always stay original and be yourself and promote your workRUG WAVE

This week was another wave of rugs, A recent announcement from the Disco- Solaris Team just hrs ago stated that they will be forced to discontinue the project’s operations after there partner Silk toad announced they are abandoning there platform. Aswell as pheonix Arena gaming project wich also rugged. There are still projects thriving and showing up every day, so dont be discouraged !!

Galactic Update

This week we are developing our latest dao proposal, and re-running our last one because of a small issue on the backend that was fixed. Behind the scenes as we are newring the end of our yarn mint, our priority is getting us ready for the next step, and thats finalizing our pfp collection and getting that right. Beyond that we have been working on another key element to our ecosystem, soon tba


IDO Pass Dao has been developing there Launch pad for a while now, and the release is just around the corner, they minted back in Jan, 2022 and they are arguably one of the only thriving DAO projects on cardano . They have airdropped millions of tokens to there holderd already and are shining this week on our radar.

$JPG Delay / API lockdown

JPG store has locked down there public API services , previously available to developers incardano breaking many ecosystems tools in the process. Beyond this they have announced thst they will have to delay the $JPG token launch because of some issues with a centralized exchange partnership they are currently working out atthe moment.

Lace 1.5 update the wallet created by IOG had its latest update over this past week, there is some exciting new mechanics involved such as multi-staking and even multi- delegation! Allowing users to delegate there ada to multiple pools at once