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We Are Open for Business 📬

GM Digit family! Welcome to our community page thanks to the team at Chainlobby 🤝

As you are aware our discord was shut down a few months back as we were invited to come together as one in the all mighty HANDLE discord where we've been allocated a channel. We thought this best to bring like minded users of Handle under the one roof where we can bounce ideas and grow together on a united front.

The team at Chainlobby is giving us a platform that's even better than discord! Once the gates open to the public I expect to see a lot more of you and also new members.

Obviously being a club funding is non existent so we welcome platforms such as this that allow holders to get involved with Cardano products, much like staking your handles in TAS cabins to earn society and of course Mutant Lab raffles to name a few.

We have been discussing the move to CIP-68 of late that will give many benefits to our NFT's. An example of this would be using the Levvy Finance platform to lend and loan against #999 and #99 handles. Another example which has always been my goal is to get a reporting line on OPENcnft seperate from ADA Handle where we can track real time data on wallet count and holders as well as price and sales. A dream of mine to become our own entity. There is also many more opportunities to get involved in other projects on Cardano if this were to happen.

The above would only happen if all holders could commit to the move and let's be honest in a bear market it's hard to get in contact with all our holders but it is not off our radar.

We are also looking at getting some background artwork made for the 3rd or 4th cohort so stay tuned so you can change those plain blue backgrounds. Our sister club Sub Zero will also be getting involved.

I am so proud of you all, we have been only one of a few projects that has held a strong floor during the market downturn. A true statement that we believe in the product we are holding.

Enough from me, would love to hear from you!

As always my DM's are open to discuss idea's at @mopargirls on X or even better commenting on our community page.

Keep smiling...

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