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Welcome the False Idols Community on ChainLobby

Welcome to our Cult, I mean Community, on ChainLobby! We will start posting announcements and updates on anything that is False Idols or Pyro Analytics related. We are so happy to be joining the ChainLobby Platform and the Chain Gang Community.

A little bit about False Idols, we have 4 NFT Collections: False Idols a collection of 6,666 characters from the False Idols Universe, False Idols Animated a collection airdropped to all holders of our OG collection, Winter Idols is small collection we did as a Christmas mint, and finally False Idols X Collabs is a small collection dedicated to 1/1 project collabs and seasonal specials. At False Idols we strive to make the best art on Cardano. We not only want good looking PFPs, but we want the art to attract people outside of the Web 3 community. We value everyone here in the Cardano ecosystem, but are always trying to onboard new people to the world of crypto and digital ownership.

Pyro is our NFT analytics tool, which we are developing. The goal of Pyro is to bring an analytics tool that has a sleek and intuitive User Interface that is easy to use for beginners and Pros. We also want to bring a tool that is fast and has live data for our users. We want people to be able to make the best decisions when buying or selling an NFT by offering comprehensive data, which will guide a user on the best course of action and be confident in their decisions. Holding False Idols will bring unique perks and experiences while using Pyro Analytics.

We are thrilled to be using to be using the ChainLobby platform, and can't wait to see what the team at ChainLobby delivers down the road. Keep your eyes peeled for updates and exclusive info that we will be publishing on ChainLobby.