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X-Race News & Analysis Post by PeeZapp



While X-Race is Primarily a gaming platform with our Play to Win Racing game and our arcade games live already we also generate this long form news & analysis for our holders with 3-4 posts a week.

Below is just the content related to Cardano posted today (about 50% of the content created), however we also covered world news other blockchains and macro analysis.

One of the lesser known utilities of the X-Race project is this sort of content creation news coverage and analysis along with regular defi education & curated minting calendars.


Catalyst 10 is live now, I haven’t had a look at too many of the proposals yet but if anyone has any that they think are great please share them looking to support some good initiatives this round. I saw the Ape Society wallet proposal which I will not be voting for we don’t need a new wallet and they don’t that amount of funds to be building it closed source. I did pick up a COTAS the other day though waiting for them to deliver something that makes me buy in properly. The guys at the CGG did put a proposal up go and give it a thumbs up if you like it, the TLDR is that they want to get some funds to hire and onboard some full time developers to build general infrastructure tooling that can benefit the whole gaming ecosystem for example an extension for a game engine to integrate Cardano natively not really something you can mint NFTs to fund so looking to do these sorts of things with it.


Veggiemates made a huge announcement recently too much to put in here (maybe @Udit can put more detail into a post at some point) TLDR, The market moves fast so utility is hard to do and they need to branch a bit away from that to build IP in other ways, Multi-Chain is crucial so expect to see a bunch of different collections on a bunch of different chains, utility scaling so they are interoperable is key to future so new stuff will work with old and old stuff will work with new, Tower Defence game is pushed to the back and wont be a priority but gaming will one day become a part of the ecosystem maybe via a virtually made arcade, discord will be rebranded to virtually made as that is the company and the overall brand that will have a bunch of IPs, early franchise pass holders will be rewarded so make a pass now while you can, new IP coming soon called the Goofs not sure what that means just reminds me of the Disney dog and no idea what chain they will drop it on my guess is Polygon.

Hokusai have announced some info relating to the black banshee mint, collect all 5 and get a large piece of them combined to make a big piece of art. The video in this tweet shows the pieces that will be in this mint and it is looking gorgeous like some of the nicest fine art we have available definitely the best in this style for me personally. When all else fails art prevails, check it out here

KWIC have announced their launcher will go live later this month with 3 games live in early access. I will say this again don’t sleep on KWIC one of the most professionally run and solid projects on the chain. I have a good bag so call this bag pumping but I will be adding some more, always checking the floor for a good looking KWIC to pick up.

More KWIC news their staking will be going live soon too, this will be non-custodial staking for KWIC tokens. You will need to wait 10 days from claim to be able to get your tokens but I can only assume this will be another good one to accumulate and stake to a Vyfi farm via the ZAP (never costs you any ADA) zapping sells half your tokens to ADA/KWIC and adds it to the farm this will accumulate and pay out Vyfi (if they have a farm there) which you can do with what you like. My strategy on Vyfi is in my defi wallet which hold my non NFT related coins and stuff add it to the bar, all my NFT related coins get claimed and zapped into the farm the Vyfi earned is sold to ADA and used to now fund my NFT wallet. Simple strategy but adds no cost.

Cryptodino have decided to push their game launch for July 14th to September 1st as there were several bugs discovered during testing, this is a good move because a buggy game release for them with all the history of the project would likely hit pretty hard. I think the game they have made is really good and it will likely be well above a lot of expectations in its full form.

The unthinkable seems to have happened Cornucopias vehicle mint the T3 only sold out roughly 60% of their supply. This is likely a shot in the arm for them from the community to basically say we don’t want to give you more money without any tangible product. The extraction is done now build what you promised. I personally minted one because I am a degen and hold all the other Corn assets (I got a common I don’t want to talk about it) but I think now that this has happened and they are seemingly so close to release we should see them push something playable soon otherwise any other attempts at fundraising from the community on this project will likely fail. I have a feeling that when the game is live and people are playing the rest of the unminted NFTs from this collection might make an appearance.

Happy hoppers have completed their first test batch of the new art for the burn mint upgrade, this is super exciting for me. Oodon is a beast and does some of the best work in the space and from everything we have seen so far from this upcoming collection it is going to blow people away. I think they will actually make one of the nicest PFP collections in the space on this.

Mad Dog Car Club have announced that they are about 3 weeks from releasing multiplayer, while this is a huge step in the right direction and massive progress from an underrated team I just hope there are the players there that allow for matchmaking to work well. I have my car, racers and dogs and will not be moving them on at any time soon as I think these guys are heavily underrated in the space but critical mass of players for any multiplayer game is always going to be an issue here especially in my timezone which is a shame.

House of Titans a project being run by Apex of Phoenix Arena has popped up on twitter and the hype is crazy. The art looks good with the artist being pretty well known for a few collections on other chains mostly Vandals on Solana (my only worry is that it is too similar to that but general degens don’t care about that). This to me looks like a big mint out a bunch of early volume then probably a slowdown seems like it will be a good mint and flip into hype unless there is something more to it than a cookie cutter PFP project that will make it worth holding.

CryptoRaggies have announced Raggieworld I don't know much about it however they will be the special guest on True Blue Tuesday tomorrow so will find out a lot more then. They have been working on this for a while and I am sure there will be a bunch of stuff no one else has ever done. From what they have released so far I think it is probably going to be important to pick yourself up some Stakie raggies. Coincidentally one of the raffle prizes this month will be a Stakie raggie so no better time to win those raffle tickets. I think RaggieWorld will also have many novel ways to utilitse their $RAG token I already have a decent sized position in this (I bought 100 ADA worth when the LP went live it has grown by about 20x now in value)

Yolo Solos have sold out their mint. I minted 3 a few days ago something I have been meaning to do for a very long time. it’s a great project their survival game is well made and has a lot more depth than people may think at first glance and the team is one that deserves this they always show up are always super positive and just have a good energy around them so good to see another slow mint getting recognised and getting to that sell out Adania will be next I can feel it.

CNFT Tools shared a nice looking update to the Vault holders in the discord. It was a charting platform that basically looks like a Tap Tools killer called CryptoTrack. From what was shown it would definitely be my preferred over tap tools nothing against tap tools this just had better immediately visible analytics it will be open for early testing to Vault holders. They also have a date of 30 September for the Toolheads mint this will be the big mint of the next little while the sneak peeks look incredible and they will have solid utility I imagine.

WMT has secured a US expansion allowing them to build their infrastructure there. This is a large deal for them and likely a good thing the only issue is that its risky. They expand spend a ton on building infrastructure and there is little take up, I don’t think this will be the case here, they are well managed and offer a comparable product at a cheaper rate so likely the initial expansion will be small to test viability.