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The man behind many mints


Our upcoming interview features an individual who has played a pivotal role in numerous Cardano initiatives. Patrick has consistently provided unwavering support and willingly offered guidance whenever needed. Having had the opportunity to converse with him on multiple occasions, it's evident that his enthusiasm for the Cardano ecosystem consistently radiates.

Let's start with giving a bit of background about yourself. Be as specific or general as you would like. Remember, no judgment here! We appreciate the fact you are willing to open up to a room full of strangers. Where are you from? What do you do? What are your skills? What do you do for a living? Go where you want with it, and have fun!

Answer: I'm Patrick from Germany. I studied Computer Science, discovered Cardano, launched a Stake Pool, and started NMKR during my thesis. Fast forward 2.5 years, and I'm still working on NMKR every single day.

What projects do you run or do you help with? If none, what project brought you into the space?

Answer: I've supported many projects by providing infrastructure. While doing so, NMKR, as an NFT/Tokenisation platform, has been my main focus, minting over 2 million NFTs on Cardano. By doing this you naturally come into contact with a lot of projects and I think people would be surprised to learn about how many projects NMKR has directly touched in some sort of way.

What projects are your favorite and what are they looking to do for the space and/or the world overall?

Answer: I've developed a genuine appreciation for projects like ORE ORE ORE, Clay Nation, and Each of these has shown innovation, commitment, and a vision that aligns with the future I envisage for the blockchain space

What brought you to blockchain technology in general?

Answer: Initially, the potential to make some money drew me to blockchain. However, over time, I recognized its true value in providing equal opportunities to everyone and leveling the playing field. And that’s why I’m still here. It’s about so much more than “just” money.

What event in your life triggered you to decide that you needed to learn & build the next generation of technology?

Answer: During an exchange program in Singapore, I found myself confined due to Covid restrictions. Because of this I mostly watched Charles videos every day and with each video my resolve to do something with Cardano strengthened. Back in Germany I finally set-up my Cardano stake pool & really got into it.

What do you see as the biggest advantage(s) to blockchain technology over current web tech.

Answer: Blockchain is good for interoperability & access. It's basically a decentralized database. It’s not the solution for everything but amazing for everything that has to do with ownership and I think thats exactly where we’re going with it!

Why Cardano out of all the other chains? If not Cardano, why the chain that you prefer & why?

Answer: I chose Cardano because its community values the foundational crypto principles rather than merely following the hype like other blockchains. People in Cardano still care about making the world a better place.

If you could do anything to make a living, what would it be? What's stopping you from making this a reality?

Answer: I’m already quite happy with what I’m doing right now but if money was no issue, I think I’d delegate more of the stuff that I’m doing right now & try to develop some Virtual Reality applications. The “metaverse” is still calling me.

What are the most important qualities a team must possess and what attributes do you look for when researching a new company or project to invest money into?

Answer: A strong belief in the project's vision and a resilience to push through challenges are essential. Talent will always be outclassed by resilience.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from today? What are your long term goals and why are they important to you?

Answer: Hopefully self-made billionaire & god king of the world. Kidding. I honestly have no idea where I'll be in 10 years.

What are your hobbies? What do you find the most enjoyment in?

Answer: I really enjoy reading at the moment & when time allows it I’m big into esports (Starcraft 2 to be precise).

If you could change one thing in the world, what would you change and why would you change it?

Answer: Seriously, I'd want to see a world with less suffering. On a lighter note, Döner for 3,50€ wouldn't be bad either.

What's your favorite kind of music? What is your favorite music artist? What is your favorite song? Elaborate on how and why these became your favorites.

Answer: I've always been drawn to Daft Punk. There's just something about their music.

What is your favorite book or piece of literature? What about it made it so special?

Answer: There's a German book called "Lord of all things" which I really love. It's a great sci-fi story about nano-bots, automation and aliens. Very nerdy, I know.

What is your favorite piece of art (if you have one)? What does it inspire in you?

Answer: have an NFT that was live-minted by Stephen Wolfram. It's generative art but it has really inspired me. ( Besides that I think written art, so books are mostly what inspires me.

How did the FUD NMKR receive around minting affect you & what was difficult about it? (Be real & human)

Answer: The backlash was extremely rough and emotionally one of the hardest things I’ve had to endure. But in retrospect, it stemmed from NMKR's monumental impact in the space. We're pioneers, and it's never easy being one.
So while it was difficult at the time I now see it in a much different light. But I do admit I’ve thought about just quitting everything often. It’s not great to seemingly do a great job but then still get thousands of hate messages on social media.

With what you know now, what would you change about NMKRs original approach?

Answer: I’d change a million things. I’ve never tried out so much in such a short time, made so many mistakes and learned so much from them. I think it boils down to doing less but more focused & hiring a lot less people.

How does Cardano grow as a community?

Answer: Cardano needs to solve real problems for real people. Thats the only way.

In conclusion, our interview with Patrick revealed his deep involvement in Cardano and his journey from studying Computer Science to becoming a pivotal figure in the community. He's passionate about projects like NMKR and values innovation in initiatives like ORE ORE ORE, Clay Nation, and

Patrick initially joined blockchain for financial gain but now champions its potential for equal opportunities. The pandemic in Singapore inspired his Cardano journey, and he's already contributing significantly to the space.

He chose Cardano for its community's principles and its goal of making a positive impact. His aspirations include exploring Virtual Reality applications and reducing suffering in the world.

Daft Punk is his favorite music artist, and "Lord of all things" is his preferred book. He draws inspiration from Stephen Wolfram's generative art and written works.

Patrick acknowledges the emotional toll of FUD around NMKR but views it as a sign of the project's impact. In hindsight, he would have focused more and hired fewer people.

To grow as a community, Patrick emphasizes Cardano's need to address real-world problems, emphasizing impact over all else.