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Raggies Are Here!

GM Cardano!

We are now here on Chainlobby! Be sure to follow us to keep up to date with all our latest developments!

If you haven't come across our project yet, read on for a brief introduction👇

What is CryptoRaggies?

CryptoRaggies is a lot of things, but above all else we aim to provide the Cardano NFT community with a shining example of what an ecosystem should look like. Every feature we implement is designed to work in harmony with every other aspect of the project. In this way, we are building actual value for the project, instead of riding off empty hype and distant promises. We have a build first way of doing things here!

When we say "ecosystem", we really mean it! We have a 10k NFT collection and a complete suite of utilities built around them. These include:

  1. RaggieCoin ($RAG) - Our ecosystem utility tokens which can be spent within the project or added to LPs on WingRiders and Minswap to participate in liquidity farming
  2. RaggieRun - The first wallet-connected, NFT-enabled game on Cardano, now available on all major platforms including PC, iOS and Android! We have been rewarding our players for over 80 weeks now with our weekly leaderboards!
  3. Staking - A proprietary non-custodial NFT staking system built, launched and started rewarding our holders before non-custodial staking was cool on Cardano! More importantly, our staking system was purpose-built to power the free-to-play mode in RaggieRun and all our subsequent games!
  4. RaggiePurrse - Our very own ecosystem light wallet that is able to connect to any platform, including native mobile apps like RaggieRun on Android or iOS! It is still the only Cardano wallet that is capable of this!
  5. RaggieStore - A game shop powered by our proprietary multi-sig minting engine, allowing gamers to mint RaggieRun in-game add-on items to enhance the gaming experience!
  6. RaggieShrine - An innovative burn mechanism to generate value from expired in-game add-on tokens minted from RaggieStore. Burning these tokens represents an entry into a raffle which can reward the winners with much more powerful add-ons, exclusive items and more $RAG!
  7. Raggie Rehoming Centre - Yet another innovative component of our ecosystem to drive a circular economy for $RAG. We use ADA dust fees collected from RaggieStore and service fees collected from RagAlley and RaggieMart (see below) transactions to buy Raggies listed at floor price on secondary markets and sell to our community for $RAG at a price equivalent to 10 ADA less than the current floor price.
  8. RagAlley - Our own smart contract marketplace and auction house, featuring the ability to buy, sell and auction NFTs using ADA and a wide range of non-ADA tokens, including project tokens like $DERP, $GREENS, $MCOS, $RUNE, and stablecoins like $iUSD and $DJED!
  9. RaggieMart - The engine powering RagAlley which we offer to other projects as a service, bringing in passive earnings for the project as more projects actively use our service and engage their community with marketplace activities.

And that's just the bare basics of what we have built so far! Here at CryptoRaggies, we love to build and create value for our holders. Join us to discover what a web3 ecosystem can look like and how an NFT project can leverage on all the powers of the Cardano blockchain to enhance the experience of collecting, holder, trading, and using NFTs! Whether you are in the space as a collector, gamer, trader, or a tech enthusiast, we are sure you will find something to enjoy within our vast ecosystem!