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Tokeo Smart Wallet

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Tokeo Smart Wallet was just released on iOS about 5 days ago. I am always intrigued by builders in this space, especially when it comes to such important things like your wallet, which is the start of interaction with ecosystems. In my opinion, you must understand how it works as well as find it aesthetically pleasing so it's fun and efficient to use. One thing I feel people forget or don't realize is that your "wallet" is just how you are choosing to view the blockchain. Think of it like email. Some people use Outlook, Apple Mail, Spark, Gmail, etc. You can have the same email account in all of those applications, but one typically suits your needs and preferences better. The same holds true for your crypto wallet.

Now, I will tell you upfront I am not a very seasoned author and I'm not necessarily trying to "review," but just giving my 2 lovelaces of experience. The thought that I may be helpful in onboarding someone to Cardano specifically, but to the overall ecosystem, brings me great joy.

After I downloaded the app, I chose to restore a current wallet I use to interact with Cardano so that I could continue to do so via Tokeo. This was a super smooth and familiar process. Once the wallet was established, I was given the option to customize it a little bit right away. Dig it. This is also true with adding additional wallet accounts. The UI is very clean and smooth. I see all my tokens and values easily right away. Clicking on any token pulls up an integrated swap feature. You can also swap for many other Cardano native tokens as well. Clicking on the swap feature displays them by trending tokens, but you can filter by other categories as well. The token pages pull up so much info but in a very clean, easy way. You can look at a 5-minute chart up to a week chart and also see global trades right there as well.

Jumping to the collectibles side of things gets pretty cool as well. I love how offers and floor prices are displayed along with trait information. Super cool. AND if there is an offer available for that policy, you can sell directly right there. This seems like a small feature at first glance, but in my opinion, it is huge. It also has a nice little direct send button that is easily accessible and clean. Again, little things/features like these are what I believe will attract someone to make Tokeo their daily wallet.

All in all, after just a few days of using Tokeo, I'm pretty impressed, and it's quickly becoming my go-to mobile wallet. I'm really excited to learn more and use the invoicing features. My current understanding of it is that it tags/catalogs the transaction in a specific way to help on a business entity level, such as with taxes/bookkeeping.