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Everything Dark About Cardano

Many will say "don't be a little bitch Nemo"

Many would say " You could never be like Viva writing up 100 pager with straight bangers until your brain boils" And i agree,

I agree it has taken me some time to understand how this space works, it has taken me more than 2 years in this space to understand that some things will forever stay here, and some things will just Glide away on the same shitty chariot they came on.

Everything Dark about Cardanzo will be something i want to come back to on a regular basis,

Sort of a diary that marks a moment in time on a platform provided by builders, builders that were genuinely here from day one, A vent, and a source of power and a place to recoope.

I know most of yall degens even don't know how to read, not to mention understand the long stretched sentences since most you read is a mint time and date, then you google out the time zone and here you are.

Yet to make it easier for you im writing this in a form thats as degenerate as you are, a imperfect = perfectly fit form for a rando person in this space, Filled with random thougths since you all just glaze trough the text and hit like.

This way once you read something you could say : "fuck this guy has a point" i do love Viva.