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Introduction - Why I'm Here


Welcome to “Education is Alpha,” I am honored to have the opportunity to share in this journey with you. I wanted to give a brief introduction to the channel before we begin, and what I aim to deliver for our community. Ironically, the message I want to open with has very little to do with markets, yet I find it equally as valuable in premise.

I was compelled to make “Viva la Coin” in 2021 for a few reasons, all drastically different, yet somehow intertwined that has led me to this stage in my life. They all stem from the notion of “accountability,” or lack thereof, that I was exposed to early on throughout the first 25 years of my life. Whether the responsibility of raising and taking care of myself through family struggles, sleeping in vacated apartments because I couldn’t afford a place to stay as a young adult, or entering the corporate world after earning my MBA once I found my passion for statistics & probabilities, only to learn that much of it was predicated on fraud – I had to find out why there seemed to be no stability in the world.

It wasn’t the idea that there was “no stability at all,” just a much keener sense of understanding that most stable, traditional, or expected places I was always taught to find “purpose” or “stability” seemed hollow the more that I had come to learn about the world. The mantras I retained that were defined as “the right thing to do,” “Work hard and be a good guy,” “Go to school,” “Get a career,” “Buy a house,” … “Make a difference,” – they all seemed so unachievable when the education I paid for taught me nothing about how the world operated beyond the surface level, hard work was met with unpaid internships and thankless labor, and debt piled higher by the day with seemingly no direct way to combat it.

However, in this upbringing, I internalized a compass of accountability for myself. If governments, big business, educational institutes, and banks did not care about people, their ability to navigate these systems, avoid the pitfalls of debt and dead ends, or teach about the ever-increasing difficulty of working hard and still being able to afford a good life, then I would have to fill in the gaps. I became accountable for everything. I wanted to learn how every system worked, every philosophy compounded, every psychological barrier was instituted, and how to make a difference in this world, somehow, someway. Over 6 years ago, I learned of a system that was developed that aligned with my desire for accountability – cryptocurrency, and most notably Bitcoin. Understanding the pitfalls of our current system, it clicked, and ever since I have been both fascinated with the crypto space as well as increasingly jaded towards the traditional systems that were so blatantly afraid that there might be a way for us - the people - to take back the power from the consolidated decision makers that benefited from our lack of education and sheer inaccessibility to the same information, tools, and power to make sovereign decisions.

I’m sharing this story with you preemptively, because I believe how I have made decisions in this space, pre and post Viva, have stemmed from an ideological place as opposed to being monetarily based. When I shared all my information publicly, it was because I believe that everyone should have access to a better understanding of the world around them. Alpha groups, gatekeeping info, sharing things to only some and not others, I would feel as though I was emulating the system that I was so adamant on fighting against. Education is Alpha is meant to be a place to consolidate that information for those of you that are championing ChainLobby, because I believe the mission of fighting for crypto-oriented channels that are built by us, by our ideals, is something that is worth fighting for.

This is not and will never be financial advice. However, through my experience over the past two cycles in our space as well as in traditional markets, I hope to provide insight into some of the outlooks and perspectives I have to possibly enable you or others to become self-sufficient within such a fast paced and overwhelming emerging market. My approach is very counterintuitive of what you might be familiar with, as I do not subscribe to trends and hype that tend to overextend participants, generating a fear/fomo pendulum of buying high and selling low. I want to discuss the value propositions as to why something might be valuable or have potential, math and data to establish why something may be under or overvalued, and magnify our view of the decisions we make through a lens of understanding several different aspects of markets, intention, & necessity. I want to look at multi year timeframes that elude the self-imposed and self-titled “degen” radar, and define why time in the market, or being “in the right asset”, is amplified by discerning what assets are valuable and reviewing potential over periods of time.

I believe that people struggle to make good decisions when they do not have thorough information to make one in the first place, because anything less is purely guess-work. I want to help eliminate speculation in a speculative market as much as possible through data that allows patience to be vicariously accessible. I want to people to learn why they make the decisions they do and use that understanding of market psychology to avoid panic or greed at disadvantageous times. To summarize it bluntly – I want to help. I do not need or expect anything from doing this, just as with the creation of Viva la Coin. What I want is accountability, and accessibility for people all over the world to participate in the mechanisms that make up the pillars of an economy, not to simply be used as fodder to manipulate, mislead, and extort.

I will be posting the first article regarding markets immediately after this post – and if you are reading this, I deeply appreciate you. I feel that if you are going to be here, sharing this time with me as we learn, it is only right that you should understand where I am coming from as an individual.

I will give you my absolute best effort during this time to help educate and share information in an unbiased, digestible way, so that you might find some inherent value to apply to your own decision making. I am honored and humbled that you would trust in me to share my thoughts and perspectives with you, and I always treat that trust with the utmost seriousness, sincerity, and integrity as I work to hopefully make a positive impact.

- Viva