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Dev updates

Bug fixes

  • Lots of bug fixes sorted, keep reporting them.
  • Fixed ability to hit publish button twice
  • Fixed title styling on article popout/preview/card > Max length of 100 added - same as Medium
  • Removed community dropdown from sidebar when in another community and instead added a search box
  • Redesigned the sidebar header to show community details when in a group
  • Fixed long usernames and community/group names overflowing sidebar
  • Changed the discover button to a search icon so it's more obvious what it is
  • Fixed posts not saving with a link
  • Fixed articles not saving with only a link (no text)

The devs will be taking a much deserved break this weekend. No updates expected.

Current priorities,

  • Squash more bugs and UX fixes
  • Public articles
  • Mentions in chat and new version
  • Hardware wallet support
  • ADAHandle vanity URLs
  • Public community links
  • Simple mobile app

Just want to thank you for all your support and help. Once we feel the beta platform is stable you'll be able to invite your friends and take ChainLobby to the moon!!!

Dan, Kirsty & ChainGang team